I have been drawing since I was a small child and loved to draw fairies, angels, and flowers. In fifth grade I would raffle off my drawings at the end of the day by drawing a name from little slips of paper that the interested kids would hand me when they saw me drawing.  I enjoyed expressing myself and liked the idea of art touching people’s hearts, telling a story, or showing someone’s soul.

In high school I started practicing acrylics and went on to be in two state wide exhibits and lettered in “Fine Arts”.  I won an honorable mention for “Rainbow Pipes” my junior year and third place for “Things From My Purse” my senior year. Both acrylics. I was focused on still life assignments for painting at school and drew fantasy/ethereal works at home.

At Metro State College in Denver (now a University) I studied fine arts for two and a half years. Aside from the assignments I started to experiment with emotion and temperatures, but for the duration of my education I set aside much of my personal art development for focus on marketable skill development at school.

I transitioned to Devry University to complete my education, deciding that digital design skills would be a good use of the cost of education so I could have a job that could make some money. My Bachelor’s Degree is in Multimedia Design and Development with a minor in Business Management.

During my time at Devry I would occasionally freelance portraiture and the seed was planted for the idea of starting my own portraiture business. I was, however, focused on another venture developing a contracting business called Home Plus Construction with my partner at the time. As far as personal development I started doing free flow artwork where I would just draw whatever my hand wanted to draw without planning or thinking. I just let the work flow out of me. Those collages are now in my art store.

After school I had two internships. First: a short program with a non-profit group. Second: as an IT specialist with a startup company that spanned for a few months.

After that company set their project aside and I was laid off I furthered my entrepreneurial interests by starting Positive Cleanergy, a house cleaning business. During this period a focus on spiritual development inspired me to transition to a business that would further my personal development even more that the peaceful simple act of cleaning did.

Since I was little I wanted to be an author and an artist. I rekindled that love for art touching people’s hearts, telling a story, or showing someone’s soul. I am working on writing stories that will hopefully become published and work in the same way too. I also continue to develop my spiritual life and knowledge in energy healing, tarot, yoga, and meditation.

I want to give you a beautiful experience. I want to help you grow your business with graphic design, or to paint you a family heirloom, or be some kind of creative cog in your project! While I still have far to go with skill development I truly enjoy the meditative beauty of artwork, design, and expression!